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Rock and Roll Google, Caffeine is here

Google has finally lifted the lid on its search engine update, nicknamed “Caffeine” by those closest to it. The new engine will be replacing old faithful and should be much quicker that “old” Google and start showing real time results. This could bring Bing back in the shade and Twitter becomes a second runner up. These updates should secure Google as the dominant search engine.

Beside doubling the speed there are also talkes about more vertical focused results.

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4 thoughts on “Rock and Roll Google, Caffeine is here

  1. I do agree that these changes are for the good, can you tell me more about what you feel are the next steps?

  2. I can definitely see the advantages of including news feeds and links to relevant videos and social bookmarking feeds, but I have to say the caffeine update has made life more difficult for SEOs.

  3. Yeah its really amazing and quite a time ago. It work on the basis of availability of fresh content.The more the web sites are updated with unique and fresh content the more they are authentic in search engine.

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