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Enterprise web CMS solutions

A Enterprise Web content management or web CMS is a jungle that not all companies seam to be ready to enter. Content Pushing instead of Pulling, Multi-Lingual Support,  .Net or PHP and even Java? I see again and again even the biggest companies spending millions of dollars on their advertising campaigns and then not being able to deal with the traffic that comes in. 

Oneof my favourite cases are when a client said to me that they just made a deal with a company about their design and the CMS and wanted to keep that system, Nordic eMarketing would just do the search engine optimization. Ok, fine we did, but when it came to deep linking we realized that the system kept changing the URL’s, if a page was edited the system gave it a new URL.

Choosing a web CMS solution can be a taunting task, especially when it is for a large and perhabs complex company, they key is to get the criteria right, what is the system suppose to do? Then get the tech / marketing team in.

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