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Do search engines trust your website?

Five years ago, Yahoo engineers wrote about TrustRank, an algorithm used to fight spam in the search results. TrustRank works in such way that it semi-automatically separates trustworthy and good quality pages from spam.

Spam-pages get higher-than-deserved rankings in a search engine’s results and today any professional SEO optimizers, Google or any other search engine uses Trust Rank or similar techniques against spam.

That means getting as many links as possible for high PageRank from any link is a good idea if you want your website to be reliable and trusted.

How to become a trusted website

1. Get links from sites that are manually marked as trustworthy (called seed sites) or site that are linked to seed sites by the search engine owners

2. Get an old domain name (the older the better) with a good domain history with;

-Little changes of the domain owner

-Have never been used by spammers in the past.

3. Get links from related websites

4. Don’t link to websites that are known spammers or to websites with dubious quality.

5. Get many links from social networks

6. Offer good content! The more good content pages your site has the more chances there are to get a good TrustRank. If your website deals with a special topic, then it is likely that it will never get a high TrustRank because most spam emails are topic specific.

These tips should help you build a trusted site and as a result get high rankings!

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  1. Hello thanks for the great tips, I am just getting into optimization and trying to get my head around the whole feild. What are typical ‘SPAM’ traits? Are there any visual Spam traits, in that I mean should you avoid making your website look a certain way? Thanks, any tips on what else I could read?

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