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How to get your website above the regular results on Google – without paying for it

Since last summer, Google has changed its algorithm so that search results now automatically include relevant local results. For many businesses this is an important feature that can increase the amount of visitors to their web site and also the overall awareness of their website without paying for it.

If your services or products are listed on Google Map, your businesses offers, that are relevant to a special area of searched keyword, will be listed on page one above the first regular result. People will also see the exact address of you businesses and users’ reviews about your products and services. Read more »

Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference 2010

Things are starting to brew and speakers from companies like Ericsson, Microsoft, Beyond Ink and more. Last year there was a sell out with nearly 200 guests and speakers from all ove r the world. To get more information pls. go to the Reykjavik Internet Marketing conference site and

Let us also know if you want to speak at the RIMC by sending us an email to rimc [at]

SMX advanced comes to London in 2010

Chris Sherman and his team are coming to London with SMX advanced, so far he and Danny Sullivan have had it in Seattle, the home of SEOmoz but are now exporting it to Europe and London is the preferred choice. Dates for London have been set for 17-18 May for London and early June in Seattle.

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Back from SMX Stockholm and SMX New York

Both search engine marketing programs were in my opinion great events giving insight into the world of Internet Marketing, in New York I moderated two sessions, one on in-house SEO and another on Amazing PPC Tactics. Both really good sessions. At the SMX NY I also talked at a really interesting session called “Iran & Michael Jackson: What Marketers Can Learn From How Consumers Search For Current Events” were I took the United Airlines emergency landing case study, reaction of journalists and other stakeholders and how we maped the news about this happening throughout the internet. Read more »

Lufthansa here I come, Lufthansa To Offer Web Access Via Wi-Fi

Multilingual just posted this post “Lufthansa To Offer Web Access Via Wifi”. Now I can fly for hours and work. I wonder how much it will cost?