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Is it possible to be guaranteed a top 10 ranking on Google or any other search engine?

Unfortunately, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms cannot directly control how search engines rank pages. Therefore, many people will tell you that there is no certainty of achieving a top 10 ranking on Google or any other local search engine.

 However, a guarantee of up to 98 percent can be achieved if the following key stages are met and well performed.

 1. Carefully decide on the keywords you wish to get a top 10 position in the search engine, and then on exactly, which search engines you wish to attain a top 10 ranking.

2. Analyze all the relevant ranking elements on your webpage as well as sites that link to your webpage, and then estimate a ranking score based on that information – the higher the score, the more chance of being listed on the first page. 

 3. However, unless you have the necessary expertise in webpage optimization, you may require SEO experts and professionals to further analyze just exactly what you have to promote and improve on your webpage, including all relevant links directed towards your webpage.

 4. Finally, DO MAKE the recommended required changes to your webpage until you accomplish a top 10 ranking.

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Kristjan Mar Hauksson is the founder and director of search and online communications at Nordic eMarketing. The company specializes in multilingual online communications, organic search engine optimization, and marketing through several verticals such as tourism, finance, government, and pharmaceuticals. It helps companies gain international visibility online and to use the Internet as a communication channel; it also provides consultation in web content management systems and analytics solutions. Hauksson is on the board of directors of SEMPO, on the Advisory board for Bing Advertising and founded the Iceland SEO/SEM forum. He has been involved in developing Internet solutions since 1996, and involved in search engine optimization and marketing since 1997. He is a publish author on the topic of Internet Marketing and among other co-authored the acclaimed Global Search Engine Marketing.

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