8 thoughts on “5 simple steps to optimize your website for Bing, the new Microsoft search engine

  1. so, but actually bing works the same way google does, right? nothing really new except the thing with the text-quality. lets see, how famous bing will become – i am sceptical as usual ;)

  2. I use Bing and Google whenever i want to find something on the internet. I think that both search engines are very good. ~

  3. It is interesting to compare the performance of Bing and Google search but i haven’t seen any difference at all in their performance. ;

  4. Bing can not be compared to Google at all.

    Stupid engine. It is not showing my website in the high rank

  5. These are the probable tips for SEO to be able to make money out of your website. These are the ones that I’ve been taking notes.

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