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85 percent of travel companies make SEO the number one priority for 2010

img-bookingAccording to, the second global travel survey, 85 percent of travel companies are due to increase or maintain the same online marketing budgets for 2010, which promises to be a highly competitive year in the travel industry for internet marketing.

27 percent of the participated 227 companies including hoteliers, travel agents, tour operators and airlines expect online budgets to increase by up to 50 percent, as securing online bookings pushes for more advertising.The Travel Mole study revealed that overall 54 percent of the travel companies will be increasing their budgets to promote themselves online for 2010, while only 15 percent will be investing less. 84 percent believe that the role of SEO will be more than ever, the number one priority for 2010, in order to maintain or declare company presence on the ever increasing online community.

Social media marketing, as well as the use of original content translated into different languages to capture a wider market, is a top priority for more than half of the companies involved in the survey.

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