Comparing Google Analytics and Yahoo Web Anlytics

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  1. James Dutton:

    Thanks for linking to the review guys – appreciate it! Hope it’s useful for you and your clients.

    Cheers, James
    Insightr Consulting

  2. Frank Fremdgehen:

    Hey there,

    that is pretty impressive that yahoo is offering the better web analytics tool rather then Google does. I just thought Google is the leader in alomost everything!
    I think my company will use the YWA in future, better dashboard and better presentation.
    Thanks for the slides ;
    Cheers Frank

  3. Optimize Your Web:

    It’s good to know that there is an alternitive to Google and it’s a good solution to work with. The Insightr research show very the usage options for both tools.

  4. Jenny:

    I have heard about siteexplorer of Yahoo as like webmasters for google but never heard about yahoo analytics, really new stuff.. am keen to check it

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