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Facebook thinks email is dying

Sheryl Sandberg COO of Facebook gave a speech at the Consumer 360 conference claiming that Facebook could survive without email. She said “”In consumer technology, if you want to know what people like us will do tomorrow, you look at what teenagers are doing today, and the latest figures say that only 11% of teenagers email daily. So email (I can’t imagine life without it) is probably going away. So what do teenagers do? They SMS and increasingly they use social networking.”

The question is Could Facebook Even Survive Without Email?

Speaking at the SES San Francisco 2010 Internet Marketing event next August

This year Kristjan Mar Hauksson from Nordic eMarketing will be a key speaker, offering his expert knowledge on online PR and Corporate Communications. Kristjan is the Founder and Director of Search & Online Communications at Nordic eMarketing. The session is called Search, PR and the Social Butterfly” taking social media to the boardroom!

People genuinely don’t understand the work involved behind SEO

Found this really good article called “SEO as a Marketing Discipline” written by Rishi Lakhani. It illustrates in a very good way the problems the search marketing industry is going through and what it is that is holding back the upper management. It’s a reccomended read for those wanting to understand how we can make this industry more professional.

“I don’t mean ignorance in a negative way – I mean people genuinely don’t understand the work involved behind SEO – especially at the top level of any organisation. Most people use search engines – but most assume their existence and the results pages as part of life.”

iFront, conference to be noticed if you are going to southeast Europe

iFront is a conference managed by Nenad Stanojlovic in behalf the Serbian consulting company owned by visionary Vladimir Milisavljevic. Nordic eMarketing was lucky enough to get an invitation to fly over and speak about the topic of search marketing with focus on the region the conference is held at.

With guests in the close to 100 guest including the Serbian Minster of Telecommunications who opened the conference there we good speakers from both local companies and International companies like Nokia and Nordic eMarketing. This is a conference that will be worth noting in the future and should help the Serbians enter the world of Internet marketing. With around 7.4 million inhabitants only 3.3 million are Internet users, Serbia still has a long way to reach the likes of the UK, Denmark, Norway or Iceland. But still is doing much better than many of their neighbouring countries.

Online marketers closing the database of human buying intent

Are marketers closing the database of human intention and reaching the holy grail of marketing, with 100% transparency of the users, the people they are targeting? This evolution can be traced back to 2001 when Google opened Google Zeitgest and with that we could see and understand better the searcher and use that data to help us get better results. Microsoft opened their MSN AdLab tool and with that the dimension of age and gender was added to the equation.

Then entered the world of social media and the applications and tools that came with it and now with opt in “Check-in” applications so now the gap has been closed from the purchase and onsite analytics, to the query, from there to the social graph like who I am and who I know. From there we have the status update though micro-blogging , what am I doing and now with the help mobile phones “where am I”.

The “Check-in” is a statement of “here I am what do you have to offer?”