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iFront, conference to be noticed if you are going to southeast Europe

iFront is a conference managed by Nenad Stanojlovic in behalf the Serbian consulting company owned by visionary Vladimir Milisavljevic. Nordic eMarketing was lucky enough to get an invitation to fly over and speak about the topic of search marketing with focus on the region the conference is held at.

With guests in the close to 100 guest including the Serbian Minster of Telecommunications who opened the conference there we good speakers from both local companies and International companies like Nokia and Nordic eMarketing. This is a conference that will be worth noting in the future and should help the Serbians enter the world of Internet marketing. With around 7.4 million inhabitants only 3.3 million are Internet users, Serbia still has a long way to reach the likes of the UK, Denmark, Norway or Iceland. But still is doing much better than many of their neighbouring countries.

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Kristjan Mar
Kristján Már Hauksson COO SMFB Engine @optimizeyourweb