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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

  • @EndressAnalytic send me a site you want to test it on and I will send you login and code in reply to EndressAnalytic #
  • SEM Konferansen here I come @olahano #
  • At the SEM Konferansen, beside some great Scandinavian speakers there are Bryan Eisenberg, Andrew Goodman and Matt Bailey @olahano #
  • Speaking at the SEM Konferansen 14. – 16. september 2010. Looks like it is going to be a great event #
  • Had a great #SESSF great event and fantastic location Thanks team SES! #
  • SEM Konferansen har etablert seg som Norges- og Skandinavias største møteplass innenfor SØK – #
  • Speaking at the SEM Konferansen 14. – 16. september 2010. Looks like it is going to be a great event @INMA_IABNorway #
  • Now you do not have to login to Twitter to see who is doing what just use Google and the Updates search #
  • Don't have to login to #Twitter to see who is doing what just use #Google and the Updates #search #
  • Did you know that French Journalists use less keywords when searching than Journalists from the UK? #
  • My Twifficiency score is 59%. What's yours? #
  • There you have it my @Twifficiency score is 59%. Is that good or bad? #
  • Reporters from Africa use the most keywords when they Google news, close to four. #
  • Sorry @Twifficiency says "You have a good balance between Twitter and other things, this should serve you well." #
  • Doing a session called digital asset optimization beyond search – Next Generation SEO, heavy duty stuff #
  • @yoast Hmmm no :-) in reply to yoast #
  • @EndressAnalytic i need an email address to connect to the account in reply to EndressAnalytic #
  • Speaking at the SEM Konferansen, great Scandinavian speakers plus Bryan Eisenberg, Andrew Goodman and Matt Bailey @olahano @TheGrok #
  • @TheGrok looking forward to it sir :) in reply to TheGrok #
  • Svandinavian journalists are more likely to use google com than other journalists #
  • @TheGrok telling me? I am married :) in reply to TheGrok #
  • RT @matt_mcgowan a quick welcome to Baidu to @SESConf Hong Kong (Sept), looks like a good event! #seshk #
  • Speaking at the SEM coference in Osla the week after next. Looks as it going to be good event. #
  • Goof stuff RT @rustybrick AdWords analyze competition live #
  • @Suzzicks done smilar tests in EU with similar results in reply to Suzzicks #
  • Looking for Yahoo Web Analytics to try on your site? DM me an I will get an account going for you #ywa #analytics #
  • If you want to test Yahoo! Web Analytics, DM me. #
  • Looking forward to #Google maps #Wiki developments happening over the next months, thx Adam for touring me around Google Mountain View #
  • RT @IntSearchSummit Are you an international marketer in Seattle?! Don't miss Search Summit on 6th October #seo #ppc #
  • @mpspencer u looking open account I get help with instalation. Can get you the code and push you on your way #
  • @Suzzicks noproblem, let me kmow if tou want test samples from EU. Happy to help. Started the book looks good in reply to Suzzicks #
  • The Oslo SEM conference is looking better and better @OlaHano in reply to OlaHano #

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