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Twitter Updates for 2010-09-30

Back home after a great #smx stockholm # Mobile search peaks and night and desktop in the morning # Ok :) RT @fantomaster: Retweet Tip: If you want/expect people to retweet your stuff, keep it short enough (max 120-125 chars)! # RT @AnneKennedy: RT @lauralippay: 8 Signs of an SEO Snake Oil

Twitter Updates for 2010-09-29

Was it ok? RT @davidpaulsson: Listening to the 1rst talk at #smx day2. It's by @optimizeyourweb - "Digital Asset Optimization" # Leaving #smx stockholm, flying back to Iceland after a good conference # On it... RT @MajesticSEO: Any other feedback about ? We probably need to hear it at some

Twitter Updates for 2010-09-28

Looks the same here RT @andybetts1: Strange and murky morning # Good luck RT @basvandenbeld: State of Search is down at the moment, trying to figure out what is going on.... # Powered by Twitter Tools

Twitter Updates for 2010-09-27

#smx stockholm starts next tuesday, see you then # Preparing for my 20th seminar based on the best selling Internet Marketing book in Iceland, sold out for the 20th time. # Rioja as it gets best RT @GregBoser: If you're ever in Spain looking for a good wine, this is it.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-26

@basvandenbeld new in the making. Speakers from AOL, Yandex, SAP,, YouTube, Facebook and more in reply to basvandenbeld # TR (twitter reminder for those that don not know) Yahoo web analytics the best kept secret in web management @YWebAnalytics #webanalytics # Good review of the the Oslo SEM conference