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Twitter Updates for 2010-09-09

  • LOL RT @DaveNaylor: RT @jaamit: Google LaidBack, where you type in your query and apply for results to be emailed to you within 5mins? #
  • Looks nice, not sure what they want to get out of beside the PR @state_ofsearch cant send dm u r not following me :) #
  • @dannysullivan why? What is the neer? in reply to dannysullivan #
  • @dannysullivan sorry about my last post :-) What I wanted to ask was, why? I do not see the real purpose beside it's nice and has PR value #
  • Good point RT @fantomaster: RT @Skitzzo: The Google Instant Alphabet – what's your Instant Alphabet? #
  • @aaronwall looking fotward reading in reply to aaronwall #
  • That is not very instant RT @dannysullivan: three hours in, google instant still doesn't suggest google instant #
  • Russia is the 3rd largest Internet market in Europe #
  • What is #Yandex up to through their office in the US? #
  • Google Instant not happening yet in Iceland through, need to go to Google UK to see it #
  • Looks despite first impression that Google Instant Is less about speed than it is about volume #GoogleInstant #
  • According to Marissa Mayer the #Caffeine update made Google index 50% fresher, just like Brazilian Coffee #
  • Google Instant: The three main features you’ll start seeing today on Google, Instant results, Scroll to Search and Predictions. #
  • Pweff thought Google killed “I’m Feeling Lucky”, they Just Moved It #
  • Google says it take the user around 9 seconds to enter their search #
  • Google Instant actually makes searching in Icelandic confusing. Constant changing result page just confused the users I have tested so far #
  • SEO + Google Instant = Business as Usual #
  • After several tests it looks like Web Analytics tools are picking up queries done through Google Instant Search @webanalytics #
  • Google Instant wants to give us search results with every letter, average query is 20 letters. That = 20 queries per every search we do #
  • @andybeal Just noticed that Google will let you turn off instant results. It will be interesting to see how many will do that as time goes #
  • The hours saved by Google Instant = 36000 hours every 90 min and over the year 350 million hours #GoogleInstant #
  • Knowing the users search path when using Google Instant might help you own several results through different stages of the search #
  • Agree RT @demib: @dannysullivan @mattcutts Neither Google Instant or anything else will ever kill SEO – except for lazy SEO's #
  • Google Instant: Google FAQ: Q: Does this change impact the ranking of search results? A: No, this change does not impact the ranking of .. #
  • LOL @asvandenbeld @DaveNaylor you must be featuring in a lot of top stories ;) #

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