Twitter Updates for 2010-10-21

  • At #heathrow terminal 1 fire alarm gone off and peple are being moved #
  • Looks to be under control #
  • Alarm has gone silent #
  • Significant difference in browser usage in Russia compared to Global trends #Opera has over 30% marketshare in Russia versus 2% global #
  • Did you know that VKONTAKTE.RU is the largest social network in Russia, #Facebook only reaches around 9% #
  • Top Internet Sites in Russia are mostly local sites Google comes number four with around 67% reach – #Yandex has 78,9% reach #
  • #Yandex mobile search audience is around 10% of their general search audience, but the CTR is 40% higher. and pages per user is 26% lower #
  • 6% of those that see ads in #Yandex are based in Saint Petersburg #
  • Yandex owns 75-80% of the contextual ad market in Russia #
  • The Russian Internet Advertising Market has grown from around $MM $56 in 2004 to around $790 2010 (est) #
  • In Russia around 60% of that belongs to text-based ads. of $790. Online Ad Market Size $MM #
  • 3% of Yandex paid clicks happens through mobile #

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