Monthly Archives: January 2011

Great resolutions to help you reach a Global Market by Anne Kennedy

As often is January is the month we make resolutions, when you look back and make resolutions. Here you can find a great article written by Anne Kennedy called “Great resolutions to help you reach a Global Market by Anne Kennedy“.

“What has been coming for a long time is globalization, in particular, globalization in web marketing. The Internet has made country borders irrelevant. Indeed, you can reach halfway around the world to attract visitors to your website, and engage them to respond, that is, if you make the effort to relate to them in their own culture.”

Google Translate Turns LaLaLaLaLa into Bjork

Google Translate is fantastic and ever developing service provided by Google. My staff sometimes finds things that are to say the least strange. This is one is a good sample; when you translate from English to Icelandic the “words” Lalalalala (five times) Google will translate it as Bjork, the famous Icelandic singer. Not sure where they pull this from (maybe some funny Icelanders contributing and having fun while they are at it), but being an Icelander I can say for sure Lalalalala does not translate Björk.

Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference Intro Video

A short introduction to the Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference held in Iceland every year. This year there are speakers from Facebook, Bing,, Wall Street Journal, Icelandair, AOL, SAP, YouTube and more.

For more information about the Conference go to