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RIMC 2011: Social media case studies

The final session of the day in hall 2 is one of case studies in the arena of social media. We start off with Li Evans speaking about what LiBeck does when it goes in and helps a company.

The biggest first point is making sure the company has the will and the resources to do what you want it to do.

Viral isn’t everything. A video can still work even if it doesn’t go viral. Just having a video can provide a 30% sales increase over pictures alone.

Research where your audience is and what they do. Think beyond one channel, plan a strategy, understand your goals and plan to expand. Then analyse results!

Next up are Jonathan Baker and Russell Harmon from eNewsPR who are talking about content managing. Content management is the creation and distribution of source information to throw stories out there yourself without waiting for third party pickup.

eNewsPR uses its own media to push its stories, including several websites which they use to push positive messages for customers.

The aim is for this unique content to be picked up by third parties – which it usually is. The content should not be blatant promotion, but rather educate, inform and inspire. Make it relevant to the reader and target it to the localities, ages groups and genders you want.

Close a gap. This means that your content should fill a gap by answering a question or problem; although it must also be well-written. A poorly written piece can actually hinder a customer’s campaign. Next, make sure it is relevant to your company and that you provide proof or backup for what you are saying.

The final speaker of the day is Alex Jónsson from Hvíta Húsið. Alex is here to speak about two case studies from online promotions the company has been working on. One social media project gave runners in the Reykjavik marathon personal profiles through which to fundraise. The profiles linked to email and Facebook and resulted in over three times more donations to charities than in 2009.

The second example is what the company used in creating Iceland’s most successful ever banner ad. It wasn’t flashy, but it was placed in very good positions on news websites and looked like part of them. Less is more. Location, location, location.

And with that, the floor was opened to questions and the formal programme came to a close. The cocktail party and informal networking session follows in the exhibition hall.

The RIMC internet marketing expo will be in the Smáralind exhibition hall all weekend. So come along if you are in Reykjavík!

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