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RIMC 2011: The afternoon session begins

In the afternnon keynote presentation, Search and Display Focus – Alain Heureux, President & CEO IAB Europe covers the vital topic of data protection online and the ways to regulate and protect the use of informaion online in a way that protects privacy at the same time as allowing freedom for the individual user as well as the advertiser.

Street ma4, 4Square, Facebook and the good old cookie are all under attack from the EU and other regulators in their quest to protect web users. When the cookie law comes in later this year, it is up to each individual EU country to decide whether cookies should be opt-in or opt-out. Alain makes a passionate argument that cookies should be opt-out. In other words, people should not need to specifically ask webistes to remember their passwords and language of chouce, for example.

But what about the future of online marketing? Well, today it is poorly targeted, poorly explained and far too cheap. We can boost demand and quality by making the process of online marketing simpler and therefore more mainstream.

Following this highly interesting keynote speech, the floor opened to questions from the audience.

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