RIMC split track kicks in

The great thing about RIMC 2011 is that there are two tracks running simultaneously. Following the first session, there are now two choices for guests. In hall 2 we have “Is social media all you need” and in hall 4 the subject will be in-house SEO

Is Social All You Need?

This session takes on the wonders of social media and asks the question, “Is Social Media All You Need?”. With the growing influence of Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, marketers can choose between more and more channels to market through.


Liana “Li” Evans, LiBeck

Gudmundur A. Gudmundsson, Icelandair

Part of the Q&A pannel Rick Kelley, Facebook


Sante Achille, Evangelist

Inhouse SEO

What are the pros and cons of having your SEO done inhouse? Veteran inhouse SEO experts from SAP, Wall Street Journal and Hotels.com will be revealing the best practice tips, tools and techniques.


Alex Bennert, Wall Street Journal

Oscar Carreras, Hotels.com

Crispin Sheridan, SAP


Anne Kennendy, Beyond Ink

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