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Norway: VG versus Dagbladet on Social Media

Average Shares By Content Type

Currently VG is about twice the size of Dagbladet as a paper in Norway, what is interesting is that this is not reflected on social media (there VG is about 20% larger when it comes to sharing content). Looking at the past three months and analysing roughly the same amount of content on their online assets its clear that they are not so far a part. While VG has 12 million shares done on 14k articles with average share per article of around 870 Dagbladet has 10.5 million shares of 14k articles or around 750 per article.

During the week VG seems to get the best shares during the measured period on Fridays but Tuesday stands out for Dagbladet (Fridays are next). Besides different days coming out strong, what is also interesting is the length of the content shared. While VG readers seem to favor articles that 3000 – 10k words in lenght, those reading Dagbladet are more in favour of shorter content 1000 – 2000 words.

Facebook has a clear lead for both, but Twitter seems to have some impact on Dagbladet.

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