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Data and Creativity – Webtrekk User Conference 2016

Webtrekk User Conference

Berlin based digital intelligence company Webtrekk held their annual User Conference last week, this year they brought me in to moderate a great set of speakers.

The theme of the conference was “Data and Creativity”, in short this was one of the best events that I have been to in years (and I have been to many), it was not only that Webtrekk seems to have their heads screwed on correctly they also managed to bring together a fantastic line-up of speakers.

Strong and very creative usage of data was the essence of the conference.

Couple of things that stood out, these are taken out of context but great quotes that I will borrow:

“Data takers win.” – Personally I have been warning about this for years, organizations are not taking ownership of their data and by far not using it properly.

“You are born creative, then you lose it.” – That is the sad thing, we think we need to learn it. Either you are creative or not. You can have better process around your work but that does not make you a better creative.

“Manage Creativity: Lack of briefing is not a solution.” – Creative work needs scope, 80% of all ideas end up dead (unused), why is that?

“On WordPress alone there are 2 million blog posts pushed out a day and most of it is shit” – Stop it, think quality and work with the content you create.

“Data science needs ownership, foster innovation” – Nothing sparks out of the blue, if 80% of creative ideas die what about innovation and why does it die?

“Big data is the same as small data, just more of it” – I have been fascinated by the usage of the term big data, it always feels to me that we are striving to get people toward the average, why is that and what data can we find at a “small data” level?

“We decide what are “aceptable ads” – We truly do, but are the media agencies getting it?

“Opinions don’t count” – Why work with opinions when you have data?

“Companies need to be customer obsessed” – What is your customers experience when shopping your products? Think about the customer journey experience.

There was so much more and not often that I get overloaded.

Will try to post more as I process the data I gathered :)

Joana van den Brink-Quintanilha, Forrester Research
Bas van den Beld, State of Digital
Mirko Casper, Mister Spex
Jürgen Seitz, Stuttgart Media University
Christian Sauer, Webtrekk
Florian Forstmann, MyToys Group
Tim Schumacher, Eyeo GmbH (Adblock Plus)
Stefan Sommer, Telekom Deuchland
Thomas Unruh, Lesara
Norman Wahnschaff, Webtrekk
Frank Schoutissen, Webtrekk
Spencer Altman, Webtrekk

Kristján Már Hauksson, SMFB Engine

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