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The digital landscape, Mobile vs. Desktop and the customer journey

I was asked these questions recently, here are my thoughts

What are your thoughts and conclusions regarding the digital landscape from an outside-in perspective?
The power of digital should be clear by now, but going digital is not only about strategy it’s about internal changes as well. Those that understand and build this that type of thinking into their culture will succeed. The digital transformation is about fundamental changes in how organizations see and act on their communication challenges. Surprisingly many companies have the blinders on when it comes too digital, we are still talking advertising, still talking campaigns and even worse we are still talking technology.

Digital must be infused…. period.

What are your thoughts and conclusions regarding Mobile vs. Desktop?
Desktop is not dead, it’s still a vital part of our communications. It’s the messaging that has to change, these different platforms are not only two different channels, they are also a part of a consumer’s journey during different stages in the communication funnel. The key to the mobile vs. desktop challange is understanding those different stages and communicating accordingly.

What are your thoughts and conclusions regarding the development of the digital eco-system lately?
Don’t think so much about the eco-system from a technology point of view, think people. Technology changes faster than people’s needs. No journey looks the same, we are as close to one to one marketing as we have ever been and mass-communications will soon be declared dead.

What are your thoughts and conclusions regarding the customer journey?
Digital is changing human experience, its impacting our daily lives on a level never seen before. The “Always on!” cliché is not such as cliché after all, that is actually what wins the battle for the customer.  Competitors are not what or who they used to be and new challenges appear as fast as they disappear. The largest accommodation “chain” did not exist 10 years ago and the same goes with the largest car hire services in the world.

Besides being 100% digital natives, they both have in common owning any of the products they sell. These two might be gone tomorrow, but they are only the first of similar services that are destined to become better, more adaptable and a bigger threat to the organizations left behind because they did not infuse digital.

Adaptability and an open mind hold the key for the future.

Image taken from Teen Tech Daily

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