B2B – Sales & Lead Generation: Who keeps moving the goalpost?

The Rearchitected Demand Waterf

The path to purchase has evolved, there is far more time spend on research and reviewing service that it is on the purchase itself. 66% of B2B buyers in the EU evaluate their providers annually and that even goes up in advanced markets such as the Nordics and the same buyers

B2B: Mixing Marketing Activities, MAS and CRM thinking

Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution

Marketing activates, such as campaigns, expos and newsletters as a sample create awareness. Its crucial mixing together (CRM) customer relationship management and (MAS) marketing automation systems. Our findings is that without automation, tracking ROI is impossible. Using CRM as a sales and services tool we can start to feed down leads,

Speaking at SMXL Milan

SMXL Milano

I will be joining some great bunch of people talking at SMXL Milan in November this year at the MiCo - Milano Congressi. Its a massive three day event hosted by Business International  and chaired by two good friends of mine Sante Achille (@sjachille) and Massimo Burgio (@massimoburgio), both guy's