10 great way’s of using my favourite Web Analytics tool

While searching (what else?) for some fun (yes analytics can be fun) I found a great aritcle on web belonging to a company called StoneTemple Consulting ( I know a band called StoneTemple Pilots) under the title “10 Cool Things you can do with IndexTools“.

I did with my former co-worker spend some time looking at web analytic tools, Webtrends was to complicated, Omniture to expencive and Urchin to primitive and from our point of view we struck gold when we found IndexTools, we had three main criteria that the tool needed to fullfill so we would want to look at it.

1. Manageable pricing

2. “Marketing department” friendly

3. As close to 100% deep drillable data and trend reporting

That and being a tool in constant development was our main criteria, Indextools had it all and is even getting stronger, when we reviewed it it was at version 8.5 and now they are bringing out version 10 – release date is in Q3 2007.

The new improved will contain among other Lifetime visitor-level metrics, External data source framework, Interactive visualization and Custom metrics.

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