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Majestic releases Majestic Million list under Creative Commons License

Back in May this year (back then I palyed with the data and had great fun), Majestic created a new index called “Majestic Million” – a list of the top 1 million websites, ordered based on the number of referring IPs – or more precisely the number of referring class c subdomains.

The data is available for analysis for anyone, but the whole list remained proporieto. Today (Christmas eve), however, majestic plans to release the ENTIRE INDEX in Excel and TXT formats. So that will be an Excel file with 1 million records available for anyone to use in any way they wish! And for data nerds like me this is truly a Christmas gift. Read more »

Icelandic Media sites in contrast to International sites

Every media company knows that if they are not appearing on page 1 of search engine results for their news specific keywords, they are likely to be missing out on thousands of targeted visitors and potential ad revenue, whilst competitors benefit.

However, research from Majestic SEO highlight that some of Iceland’s top media organisations are failing to market themselves online, restricting their online brand reputation and visibility.

(Buzz table below is updated daily)

Only 6 out of the 8 major media organisations tested currently appear in the Majestic Million, a Buzz table, of internet sites which ranks the top million global websites according to their connections from other sites. Read more »

Better to use short female names when link-building

Nordic eMarketing study done this year has yielded that it’s better to use short female names when growing link equity through link requesting or asking for link exchange. Over the past 8 months we have been doing tests with female and male names when link requesting and found that when using names like Elisa Turner or Joanne Willow we getter better acceptance than using names like Charlie Houlton or Chris Arne.

Same tests have also told us that using localized names works better when focusing on none English speaking countries. The difference can dramatic but also seems to fluctuate between sectors/verticals as we have found short manly names work better in the B2B steel industry. Bottom line, if you are going in as a link requestor use short female names and localize them if you are leaving the comfort zone of English. Word of caution don’t overdo it Erin Cock for example did not work well.

At the SES New York

I am at the SES New York and it looks like a good conference. Speaking tomorrow on the basics of link-building and then on online PR and Reputation management on thursday.