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55% of those using Twitter are male

According to MSN Twitter traffic is 55% men, 23.02% of the traffic comes from users aged 18 – 24 with 18 and younger at around 23%. The age group 50+ counts for around 16% of Twitter traffic and by the looks of it users belonging to the older demographics are starting to use Twitter more and more.

Traffic to Twitter seems to be balancing as the USA now counts for 30.5% of traffic according to Alexa with India at 8.4% coming second and Japan third with around 8.1%. According to MSN those searching online for the keyword “twitter” seem to match the user behaviour above with about 56% of searcher being male and 23% aged 18 – 24.

Just saw Paulo Maranhao from Microsoft do a great presentation on the MSN PPC tool

Just saw Paulo from Microsoft do a great presentation on the MSN PPC tool, the tool as before intergrades beutifully into Excel 2007 (not 2010 beta) and in minutes he gathered over 1000 very valuable keywords regarding flowers. Fantastic tool that can be found at letsearchmakeyousmarter.com (Microsoft Advertising Intelligence). Speaking at this session beside me are:

Thomas Bindl, SES Advisory Board & Founder & CEO, Refined Labs GmbH
Constance “Connie” Stack, VP, Sales & Marketing, WordStream
Paulo Maranhao, Search Media Strategist, Microsoft

The session was firmly moderated by Andrew Goodman, SES Advisory Board & Principal, Page Zero Media.

for more information on SES London goto their page

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