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Successful Video Marketing Can Do Wonders For Your Business

Successful Video Marketing for your business: With the popularity of such sites as YouTube and Vimeo and other that are more regional sites such as Nico Nico Duca in Japan and Youku in China, it is evident that videos do play an important role in promoting a product or a service. Indeed online videos are proving to be the fastest way for business organizations to spread a word about their offerings in a creative manner. The videos help to bring a more personal interaction between the customers and the business. The mix of visual effects and sounds helps to capture audience attention effectively.

The delivery of useful information to the target audience becomes fast and simple with online videos. It is well understood that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ but when the right animation and sounds are also added to these pictures, it may be worth a million for the business. A good online video can enhance brand reputation and give a special identity to the business. It may be to describe and demonstrate the functions of a product, to introduce a company, for online seminars, conferences or advertisements, an online video can attract a lot of traffic for your website. Even search engines like Google give more importance to websites with videos related to a search and give high rankings to such sites.

At present YouTube, the video search engine offered by Google is the leading online video destination and thousands of videos are uploaded on the website daily. Created in early 2005, YouTube not only allows users to upload videos but also share them on social networking websites like Facebook and Orkut. Users can also comment on the videos and show their appreciation by hitting the ‘Like’ tab. Recent stats reveal that this video search engine serves up a million views about every 90 seconds. Certainly, any business considering the video marketing strategy would like to put up an optimized video clipping on YouTube. However, for a more successful online marketing campaign, other avenues also need to be explored to reach customers via online videos. Read more »