Domino’s Introduces the #OneClickPizza App to Norway

Dominos Introduces the OneClickPizza App to Norway

Dominos is looking to be the first in market technology and introduce to Norway what they call #OneClickPizza. This allows pizza ordering with one simple push of a button. The user starts by configuring their favourite order in a specially programmed application and syncs the #OneClickPizza button to the app. After that the user can place an order…

Digitalization of Marketing in Oslo 2015

Digitalization of Marketing in Oslo 2015[/embed]

Digitalization of Marketing is taking place in Oslo on the 29th of October in Oslo. The conference host great speakers from Lloyds Bank, Google, Vendemore, Unruly, State of Digital, Fanbooster, Verve Search, Opera Software, SMFB Engine and more. More information on the event the Digitalization of Marketing home page (In Norwegian)