B2B: Mixing Marketing Activities, MAS and CRM thinking

Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution

Marketing activates, such as campaigns, expos and newsletters as a sample create awareness. Its crucial mixing together (CRM) customer relationship management and (MAS) marketing automation systems. Our findings is that without automation, tracking ROI is impossible. Using CRM as a sales and services tool we can start to feed down leads,

Speaking at SMXL Milan

SMXL Milano

I will be joining some great bunch of people talking at SMXL Milan in November this year at the MiCo - Milano Congressi. Its a massive three day event hosted by Business International  and chaired by two good friends of mine Sante Achille (@sjachille) and Massimo Burgio (@massimoburgio), both guy's

The digital landscape, Mobile vs. Desktop and the customer journey

I was asked these questions recently, here are my thoughts What are your thoughts and conclusions regarding the digital landscape from an outside-in perspective? The power of digital should be clear by now, but going digital is not only about strategy it’s about internal changes as well. Those that understand and build this