Fantastic content marketing case – Statoil Retail and Fuel

Content Marketing Case Study - SMFB Engine

Statoil in cooperation with the creative agency SMFB came up with the fantastic idea of the „Real Precision“ where the Finnish Juha-Pekka Perämäki an operator of 8 ton excavator prepares and feeds an hot dog to a friend of his. Statoil Real Precision Content Marketing Case Study is a real good sample of how to…

Domino’s Introduces the #OneClickPizza App to Norway

Dominos Introduces the OneClickPizza App to Norway

Dominos is looking to be the first in market technology and introduce to Norway what they call #OneClickPizza. This allows pizza ordering with one simple push of a button. The user starts by configuring their favourite order in a specially programmed application and syncs the #OneClickPizza button to the app. After that the user can place an order…