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Icelandic Media sites in contrast to International sites

Every media company knows that if they are not appearing on page 1 of search engine results for their news specific keywords, they are likely to be missing out on thousands of targeted visitors and potential ad revenue, whilst competitors benefit.

However, research from Majestic SEO highlight that some of Iceland’s top media organisations are failing to market themselves online, restricting their online brand reputation and visibility.

(Buzz table below is updated daily)

Only 6 out of the 8 major media organisations tested currently appear in the Majestic Million, a Buzz table, of internet sites which ranks the top million global websites according to their connections from other sites. Read more »

Google confuses Iceland and Japan

Sometimes you see strangest things on Google,like the screen shots I am showing here. When searching Iceland news on Google I found some good sites but in the advertising column Google was as they often do suggesting related results. In this case some material on Japan, the similarity between Iceland and Japan is however not much. We both like Whale meat and both countries are Islands.

We are used to Google confusing Iceland to Ireland, but Japan (personally I love the country) that is a stretch.

Gulltaggen 2011: Speaking during ‘Multilingual International Internet Marketing and Comms’ session

I will be speaking at the ‘Multilingual International Internet Marketing and Comms’ session as part of the Gulltaggen 2011 Internet Marketing conference, to be held between 12th and 14th April.

Gulltaggen is the Nordic countries’ and Norway’s most important event for digital marketing, communication, innovation, leadership and creativity, and is by far the best arena for sharing competence, knowledge and networking. Read more »

RIMC 2011: Social media case studies

The final session of the day in hall 2 is one of case studies in the arena of social media. We start off with Li Evans speaking about what LiBeck does when it goes in and helps a company.

The biggest first point is making sure the company has the will and the resources to do what you want it to do.

Viral isn’t everything. A video can still work even if it doesn’t go viral. Just having a video can provide a 30% sales increase over pictures alone. Read more »

RIMC 2011: Online crisis management

Online crisis management is the name of the next session in hall 2. The first speaker in this session is Nils Apelund from First House. After two humorous anecdotes from the real world involving Canada, grapefruits and a quick-thinking boy, Nils goes on to apply the real world of crisis management to the online world.

Reputation is a great base to start from because it is an automatic draw in many ways and will bring goodwill and money all by itself. A good reputation is also a great cushion in times of crisis, buying you goodwill and extra time. Read more »

RIMC 2011: Meet the search engines

Now, switching over to the Search and Display track in hall 4, Cederic Chambaz is explaining the ethos behind Bing.

Microsoft’s latest foray into the search market in opposition to Google, Cederic explains how Bing is not trying to replicate Google, but rather offer something completely different. Read more »

RIMC 2011: The afternoon session begins

In the afternnon keynote presentation, Search and Display Focus – Alain Heureux, President & CEO IAB Europe covers the vital topic of data protection online and the ways to regulate and protect the use of informaion online in a way that protects privacy at the same time as allowing freedom for the individual user as well as the advertiser. Read more »

RIMC 2011: Social marketing goes mobile

The next session in the social media track is called social marketing goes mobile and concern how people are now interacting with the internet instantly and everywhere via their mobile phones.

The first speaker in this seminar is Cindy Krum from MobileMoxie. Cindy starts by linking mobile social media to Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs – as it has been used for safety, social interaction and many of the other basics of all our lives. Read more »

RIMC 2011: Is social media all you need?

The first speaker in this session is Icelandair’s Guðmundur A. Guðmundsson who begins with defining what a brand actually is. It is far more than a logo — and extends to staff attitude, telephone hold music and even what people are saying about you online.

From Icelandair’s point of view, what customers want is a brand with a clear promise which can also come through on their promises. Through social media, companies like Icelandair can broadcast their story like never before. Also due to social media, your brand is going to be defined and gain reputation online — whether or not it is led by you. That is why brands should take their online presence so seriously. Read more »

RIMC split track kicks in

The great thing about RIMC 2011 is that there are two tracks running simultaneously. Following the first session, there are now two choices for guests. In hall 2 we have “Is social media all you need” and in hall 4 the subject will be in-house SEO Read more »