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Infographics: Multilingual Development Process

I am often asked what is the right process for creating and distributing Infographs in an Multilingual Environment, the following process has in most cases worked liked wonders for us at Nordic eMarketing (NeM).

Infographie Processus de développement multilingue Infographics Multilingual Development Process Infografiken Multilingualer Entwicklung prozess






After being briefed by the client, the NeM project team sits down and reviews the assignment. We might start with a set of ideas given to us by the client as the main guideline; however, we evaluate numerous possibilities in order to give the project that unique spark. Read more »

Speaking at SES “Search, PR and the Social Butterfly” London and NY

I will be speaking at SES London and New York on a session called Search, PR and the Social Butterfly with a good friend of mine Mel Carson, Microsoft Advertising Community Manager at Microsoft Advertising.

“RT this. Take social media to the boardroom! Social media continues to spread its wings with the advent of Google Social Search, Bing, Twitter Search and Yahoo’s Twitter-like moves. With the demise of traditional media outlets and the rise of search and social, PR firms have also gotten a big lift and muscled in on the territory once ruled by advertising agencies. Time to eighty-six the anachronistic press kits and media lists and hand over the keyword rich online status updates and Twitter feeds. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear firsthand from online PR/social media pros that bridge the best of both worlds while influencing SEO via Profiles, Fans, Tweets, Friends and Follows.”

The Web is talking and you should listen

The Web is talking and you should listen, there are peple talking about your company, you and/or your services. An Icelandic company Clara is now one of many that is providing the listening service for company’s perfect solution for those that want to hear what is being said online about their services or stakeholders such as staff or even the competition. Clara’s proprietary web crawlers search the web looking for customer insights in news, blogs, comments and forums. The tool automatically sums up the discussion and shows you the results in a clear interactive web-based dashboard. CLARA delivers up-to-date results in close to real time.  What it makes it even more special is that is the only tool that is Icelandic friendly.

The new rules of public relations and press releases distribution

The Internet has returned public relations to the public! That is you can now take material you want to announce and use the internet to send it out so it accessible to the public, press releases have stopped being limited to the media and a narrow group of stakeholders. Through the likes of eNewsWire you can now reach potentially millions of possible evangelist that are likely to pick up your story and advocate it and when I say millions I mean millions, Face book users in the US are well over 60.000.000 and in the UK they are nearly 18.000.000 and that is just one of the options you have to distribute content through, then there are the hundreds of sites that accept press releases for a free distribution over the Internet and some even direct to the inbox of the media. Read more »

Does Airbus have a public relations problem?

I have been speculating about whether Airbus has a public relations problem, after two major accidents involving airplanes from Airbus there is no reaction from the company on the Internet, so they seem to be taking the typical large organization “look but don’t touch” approach.

It unbelievable how the Internet does not seem to play a role in their Public Relations strategy as I mentioned in my previous blog post called When should you use PPC as a part of a PR strategy?.

How do they deal with this? “Actor Ashton Kutcher cautioned his fans on Wednesday that a pilot recommended to him not to fly on Airbus until the manufacturer’s composite tail is declared safe.” – I am afraid that this will not blow over and they need to get their act together if the Internet is not to harm them more.

Airbus use the Internet, use PPC, use online PR, use Twitter and Facebook! Don’t fall into the “Look – Don’t touch” thinking as other major organization seem to have the habid of doing.

Nordic eMarketing does this, works on creating online crisis management solutions for companies and governments to deal with crisis through the Internet using effective online assets.

How do Journalists and stakeholders use the internet?

I have in cooperation with the IceNews Network and eNewsWire UK working on mapping the behaviour of Journalists, editors, Columnists use the Internet to research for articles and or react to breaking news using such services such as Google Alerts. What surprised me was the sometimes lighting fast reaction time. That is from the time news or a PR item was sent out until we saw someone from the major news outlets or stakeholder related come in and review the article. We are talking some couple of hours from when the article was send out until it was mentioned or quoted somewhere else online. Read more »

Airlines plan to increase Internet marketing in the recession

Despite trends in former recessions of decreased marketing, there are signs that many companies might keep their marketing efforts unchanged or even increased this time around.

For the airline industry which is traditionally very recession sensitive, this might be particularly true. The flight industry magazine, Airline Business, in its latest issue publishes the results of a survey conducted among 22 top level airline executives. The surveyed focuses on the airlines marketing directions and size of their marketing budgets for 2009. Interestingly, as much as 60 percent of the participating airlines claim that it is important to invest more in marketing during a recession, to stimulate demand. Read more »

Online Reputation Services and ePR

I am starting to see more and more companies out there specializing in online reputation management and ePR. We have been doing this since 2005 inspired by such good people as Greg Jarboe what we have seen more and more are consultants and programs that tell you that there is a problem but can do little to implement the help needed to deal with the problem or help boost the positive impact out there.

Key questions as what to do if you company is under a brand attack online? How doe deal with that? How do you implement your online crisis management plan or for that matter create it? The list of questions goes on and on. Through Nordic eMarketing services eNews PR we have been working with companies on a multilingual scale creating in cooperation with traditional PR companies and Communication departments strategies dealing with scenarios that have had unforeseen effects on companies and peoples reputation among other.

Reputation Management Online

Next week I am speaking at an event on reputation management, the date is October 21st  and the events location is the Dorchester Hotel, London. The event is held and managed by Augure – Corporate Communications Solution, you do not have to pay anything to enter, but there is limited seat availability so better book now than later.

“Reputation has become a board level priority affecting an organisation’s ability to raise capital, attract and retain staff, sell products and services and ultimately compete in today’s marketplace.”

Really good speakers are doing this event and it looks like a great event for those that are looking to learn about the latest in reputation management.

Online lookalike swindle, web shoppers getting scammed

I was reading a magazine the other day and I found and article in it that I found quite remarkable. So this is the scenario when Virgin MegaStore became Zavvi in the UK, they opened a website as can be expected under their brand name and it was business as usual. But it was not, because around the same time a UK based company opened another website called looking strikingly similar to the original site, this did then easily fool unsuspected online shoppers and when they advertised a limited special offer on a gaming computer people when out and ordered, filled in their credit card information, clicked on enter and waited excited for the delivery that never arrived. Just to cut a longer story short, this was corrected and Zavvi has now, through copyright laws, closed this site.

For more information on the WebUser article buy issue 192, 2008 and you should find it there on page eleven to the right above the “Gordon Ramsay Cooks up Game” article and beside the “Internet cafes under attack”.

So how can you try to prevent this?

1. Don’t shop online, just kidding… I have shopped online for over 10 years and never had problems
2. Shop with established online shops such as Amazon
3. If you don’t want to do that, Google the name of the shop you want to buy through
a. If there only or mostly negative activity, don’t shop
b. If there no activity, then that should also ring bells, I would then wait a little to see how things evolve
4. When looking at the forums or blogs and you see one or two negative posts and you really want to shop with them, send the company an email and ask them to explain why these customers are negative
5. Only shop with companies that use PayPal or other recognized payment systems
6. Don’t use debit cards use Credit Cards, they work in a different way and are to my knowledge more secure

Good luck shopping!