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What the heck are Web Analytics for?

Web AnalyticsI heard somewhere that “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Web Analytics are understanding how a website is being used in order to tweak it performance, or is it that simple? It has been said about web analytics that the tool tells you what is happening on a web site but not why and the why might be more important than you think.

Case – the Bank:
I did a project way back with a bank that offered anybody that opened up an account through the Internet that they would match what people inserted to these accounts a pound for a pound, in my case a kronu for a kronu (with some limit though).

They bought advertisements in the national papers and the largest web portals and started promoting this unbelievable offer, but very little happened, they did no know if people came in to the site or if they did why they did not convert.

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Is the Jargon driving you crazy?

I am always talking to people about all kinds of Internet related stuff because of my work :-) hmmm of course and when I start talking about SEM, SEO, ROI, eROI, KPI, ASP, PHP, JSP, CPL, PPC, CMS, WCMS, CPA and ……. Their eye’s role backwards and they turn red or blue. So for those looking for information on such phrase abbreviat’s Google them or go to Wikipedia – Here is one such page: