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Online Reputation Services and ePR

I am starting to see more and more companies out there specializing in online reputation management and ePR. We have been doing this since 2005 inspired by such good people as Greg Jarboe what we have seen more and more are consultants and programs that tell you that there is a problem but can do little to implement the help needed to deal with the problem or help boost the positive impact out there.

Key questions as what to do if you company is under a brand attack online? How doe deal with that? How do you implement your online crisis management plan or for that matter create it? The list of questions goes on and on. Through Nordic eMarketing services eNews PR we have been working with companies on a multilingual scale creating in cooperation with traditional PR companies and Communication departments strategies dealing with scenarios that have had unforeseen effects on companies and peoples reputation among other.

Is Indextools Rubix being sold? The Crown Jewel of Data Mining!

Great! Yahoo wants people to be able to opt outWe here at Optimize Your Web have seen a lot of activity on our blog recently where large corporations are searching for the phrase “Indextools Rubix” and showing up at our site. All of these companies are know either for their IT solutions or data mining tools. This is unusual traffic, specially over such a short time.  As Yahoo has bought Indextools me and my team have been wondering what will become of Rubix as it does not make any sense for Yahoo to keep that tool as a part of their arsenal.

So the question is; Is Yahoo! selling the Indextools jewel Rubix?

Great! Yahoo wants people to be able to opt out

Great! Yahoo wants people to be able to opt outWe and NeM have been strong advocates of Indextools over the years and for us when Yahoo bought the tool it was a bit of a shock. We have how ever over come and adapt and now feel that their lies an opportunity in this for everybody, specially those with little budget or are using Google Analytics.

One of our clients got an email from Yahoo yesterday with the new terms and conditions for Yahoo! Indextools and his main concerns are how firm Yahoo is on the fact that they want people to be able to opt out of being measured. That means that if visitors are coming to site and do not want to be seen or measured at the site they are visiting they can do so with a push of a button at the site’s privacy page.

I believe that Google is not doing this and Yahoo is the first to go this way with web analytics. I also believe that when some privacy laws are made about the usage of the Internet this will be the norm.

But for those that we worried about loosing the whole picture, you are already loosing sights of those that are not supporting Javascript or are browsing behind tools that hide their identity. I believe that those will be the one opting out. I have also been told of studies that indicate less than 1% reading privacy and user term pages. Have you? If you find such studies, pls. post them here.

Here are couple of privacy and terms and contitions pages you should read:

Google, for their tools and search
Amazon, for their site
Alexa, for their site and tools
MSN/Live, for their site and tools
Yahoo, for their site and tools

And the list goes on …

Advanced partner training at Indextools

Just came from Budapest, Hungary, with my friend Olafur from MBL. We did a two day advanced course in web analytics, with focus on Yahoo’s Indextools. The course was designed to help us gain more skills in Web Analytics and to fully utilize the tool. We did that and more, we had a great tutor Mihaela Popa and Charlie Holbech and his team made us feel at home. Great stuff, or as Dennis Mortensen would say, SUPER!

Omniture really happy about Yahoo buying Indextools

I believe that Omniture is really happy about Yahoo buying Indextools or as stated on their site “We at Omniture congratulate IndexTools and welcome Yahoo! back to the Web analytics business. Let’s be clear though: this move by Yahoo! was done to compete with Google. IndexTools does not compete “toe to toe” with Omniture.”

Yahoo it seams is not going to go the Google / MSN way with web analytics, but to provide a fully functional enterprise web analytics tool for clients around the world for free.

What happens to Omniture, Webtrends or any of the guy’s selling their tool when a tool like Indextools enters the market and for free.

Read this: Yahoo buys indextools 80% of the functionality of Omniture for free

Yahoo acquires Indextools…

Indextools aquired by Yahoo!With Indextools being one of the hottest and sharpest looking web analytics solutions around, I must say it’s a sexy purchase. For many reasons I hope a lot of money changed hands, but I can instantly conjure up many ways in which Yahoo! can make sure it was worth their while, some of them more savoury than others. Eric T. Peterson demystifies some of the possible scenarios in this excellent article on the subject.

It’s not so long since Yahoo snatched up wonderful and precarious Flickr from under me and millions of other users without ruffling too many feathers, and I trust they will treat Indextools with the same respect! Knowing Dennis Mortensen is staying on board sure takes away most of the scepticism that first clouded my mind upon hearing the news, and ensures that I’ll await the next steps with baited breath.

Congratulations to Dennis and all our other Indextools friends. Even more so to you Yahoo! for making a smart move. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and congratulate the rest of us, each step of the way, as the future of Indexhoo unravels.

What the heck are Web Analytics for?

Web AnalyticsI heard somewhere that “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. Web Analytics are understanding how a website is being used in order to tweak it performance, or is it that simple? It has been said about web analytics that the tool tells you what is happening on a web site but not why and the why might be more important than you think.

Case – the Bank:
I did a project way back with a bank that offered anybody that opened up an account through the Internet that they would match what people inserted to these accounts a pound for a pound, in my case a kronu for a kronu (with some limit though).

They bought advertisements in the national papers and the largest web portals and started promoting this unbelievable offer, but very little happened, they did no know if people came in to the site or if they did why they did not convert.

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Advertising what exactly? See it at DNA 2008 Brussels 3rd and 4th of March

DNA 2008Our own Kristjan Mar Hauksson has been asked to chair a part of the DNA conference in Brussles next month. The title is Advertising what exactly? and the speakers are from a very diffirent corners in the Internet world. They are Richard Foan, Managing Director, ABCe, Maurits van Rijckevorsel, Business manager Cross Media, De Telegraaf and Norm Johnston, joint CEO, MindShare Interaction EMEA. The session it self looks great as does the whole conference.

The topic: “As the world goes to broadband, nonlinear and video on demand how do content providers quantify their reach? How do advertisers view the new content landscape? In this session we hear how advertisers are adjusting their working practices and expectations and what they will soon expect from media companies and content providers. How do media companies develop the digital sales story that incorporates cross platform offerings? What are advertisers interested in paying for? ”

 Not small topics that we take on. More about the agenda at DNA 2008 at

The Analytic Path to Glory! The Seven Golden KPI’s…

Did you know the difference between a KPI and a Metric? KPI being Key Performance indicator and while you are at it remember that a KPI is a Metric but a Metric is not necessarily a KPI! Little like Cognac and Brandy, all Cognac is Brandy but not all Brandy is… you get my drift.

So… according to Dennis Mortensen at Indextools the seven Analytic KPI characteristics are:

1. a KPI echoes organizational goals
2. a KPI is decided by management
3. a KPI provides context
4. a KPI creates meaning on all organizational levels
5. a KPI is based on legitimate data
6. a KPI is easy to understand
7. a KPI leads to action!

So are you ready to challange Dennis on this or read more about this?

Ok, now I have added Google Analytics to my SEO check-list

I just saw a very interesting post from my friend Matt Paines on Google Analytics affecting ranking. I have actually been seeing sites loose rank over the past months with out any clear reason, all but one are using GA.

I am going to look into this again with the information Matt has posted on his site. For those who want to read more from Matt’s post got to

There is also a interesting point made by Dixon Jones on this topic at the same post.